"Mario and Sonic" the Game.Edit

This is a page on the new Mario and Sonic platforming Game called "Mario and Sonic" the Game. The Gameplay styles are Super Mario Galaxy Stages (for Mario) and Sonic Generations Modern Stages (for Sonic) as well as a few Minigames, Bosses and puzzles with different gameplay styles. The Story takes place after Sonic Generations and New Super Mario Bros U and is about Sonic finding a black emerald. This warps him to the White World. The warp affects the whole universe which causes Mario and Sonic to meet. They decide to team up and begin a new adventure. Like Sonic Generations, the game makes you go through the history of the two characters gaming history. The levels are all given a HD Makeover. The game is on the Wii U and 3DS.


'The story begins with Sonic and Tails talking until Sonic finds a black Emerald. He picks it up and Tails scans it. They take it back to Tails Lab and examine it. It is revealed as a peice of the Time Eater after he was obliterated by the Two Super Sonic's. A bright Light then comes out of the emerald and all of Sonic's World is sucked into the bright light. 'Meanwhile Mario and Luigi are relaxing and get a message from Parakarry. The Mario bros read it. It is from Princess Peach. She tells them that in thanks for rescuing her from Bowser turning her castle into his. (last seen in New Super Mario Bros U) The Mario Bros, excitedly, rush towards the castle and run through Toad Town. Eventually a bunch of Airships start shooting at the castle. Peach see's Bowser Jr who is doing his father bidding for him due to a "Top Secert Experiment."